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Outpost Harley-Davidson® service department is here to help your vehicle perform its best, we service all makes and Harley-Davidson®'s. Our Harley-Davidson® technicians are factory certified and trained master technicians. From oil changes and maintenance services, to tires and suspension tuning our technicians will get your vehicle fixed up and back on the road.

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Harley-Davidson® Service List

Outpost Harley-Davidson® in Pueblo, CO, services all Harley-Davidson® models right here at our shop. We honor all warranty work and favor any product recalls. We accommodate any type of problem that may arise with your Harley-Davidson® in an efficient, precise, and timely manner. These are just some of the services we offer:

  • Engine Service and Full Rebuilds
  • Multi-Point Inspections
  • Speed Kits and Re-Powers
  • Oil Changes
  • Scheduled Maintenance and Tune Ups
  • Chain Replacement
  • Tires
  • Brake Repairs
  • Custom Paint and Graphics
  • Drive Service and Custom Motor Work

Colorado Harley-Davidson® Service Experts

Several decades of experience in Harley-Davidson® repair, combined with latest computer diagnostic equipment ensure quick and accurate evaluation. We pride ourselves in excellent shop and office organization as well as detailed and itemized estimates and invoices to keep our customers informed of all details and every single step of the repair process. We'll get your Harley-Davidson® in top shape so you can get out on the road sooner.

Experienced technicians handle annual services and tune ups to complete complex engine rebuilds and everything in between. We respect our customer valuables and take care of your Harley-Davidson® in a clean and safe environment.

Maintenance and Service Specialists

Whether you've bought your Harley-Davidson® with us here at Outpost Harley-Davidson® or you're looking to have some service work done you can count on high quality personal service. If you've had the privilege of purchasing from us or are contemplating a purchase you can count on being taken care of not just at the time of sale, but for many years after the sale. Whether you are a pure recreational rider, or the hard core national racer, we do our very best in making your Harley-Davidson® work its very best for you.

Service Recommendations and Delivery

Please call our service department at (719) 542-6032 to get estimates, schedule a drop off, or contact our experienced service technicians for any questions you may have. Or use the link below to have our staff contact you. Also, make sure to visit our parts department.

Don't Settle for Less! Trust the Harley® Certified Team at Outpost Harley-Davidson®

Over the past few months we have seen some of our customers, in an effort to save money, going to aftermarket shops posing as repair facilities with Harley-Davidson® certified technicians. With the yearly changes in technology, Harley-Davidson® requires our technicians to be factory certified every 2-5 years to stay current with new models. Our technicians must be certified in chassis, electrical, and diagnostics plus have 5 years of dealership experience at an authorized Harley-Davidson® dealership before they can be called a master of technologies.

What this means for you is that if your bike was built in the last 2-5 years the person posing as Harley-Davidson® factory certified technician doesn't really know to much about your bike. Beware!! Although these shops may be cheaper, this is not the place to take your $20,000 investment. These shops do not offer factory trained technicians in fact, they are most likely out of the loop, and not current on the latest tech tips, service bulletins, recalls, and product updates. These shops do not have access to the computer technology that the motor company sends out exclusively to only authorized dealers.

Aftermarket shops can afford to charge a lower rate to service your bike because they don't pay to go to the factory to get proper training. These shops are most likely not using genuine Harley-Davidson® parts and oils to service your bike. By using cheaper parts increases the likeliness that you are going to have something go wrong - which leads to another issue... Your warranty. If something should go wrong with your bike while under warranty, and the motor company requests the dealer to provide service history records for your bike, which they can't because you have had it serviced by an independent shop, Harley-Davidson® will have the right to deny your warranty claim.

Stick with a Harley-Davidson® Factory Certified Technician
Don't Jeopardize Your Warranty!

Although your motorcycle may have an invalid warranty, or may not be under warranty anymore, this does not mean that you can't get assistance from the motor company. If a dealership thinks something (should) be covered by warranty, and is not, most dealerships are given an allowance from Harley-Davidson® for these unusual repairs - at no cost to the customer.

The reason we have written this article is because we have seen the unacceptable work of these independent "repair shops." To list a few common problems, we have seen custom handlebar jobs come in because aftermarket shops could do it cheaper, that used butt connectors and electrical tape to wire the handlebars. Also, brake lines and clutch cables that are so tight you could play a pretty good rendition of "Stairway to Heaven" on them. Turn signals that only work part of the time because they chose to use pieces of wire laying around that are not long enough or they don't have a good connection. Throttle cables that get into a bind when you turn the handlebars all the way to the stop. The last thing you want to happen when you twist the throttle is to have it stick and take off uncontrollably possibly causing an accident. We have also seen a number of bikes come in and the nuts and bolts don't match because the technician stripped one out and didn't have the correct one to replace it.

We don't think your $20,000 investment should look like some inexperienced kid was working on it and used what ever he had laying around to fix it.

Harley-Davidson® dealerships have all the specialty tools, manuals, and computers, and knowledge to fix your bike the correct way. Every dealer invests a lot of money into sending their tech's to school to learn the newest electronics and changes that the factory has made since the previous model year. They also spend a lot of money on specialty tools that are only offered exclusively to dealers and not the general public. For example, one of these tools is called the digital technician. It is a laptop computer that the dealers buy from Harley-Davidson® that is pre-loaded with different electrical diagnostic tests and troubleshooting guides. These tools help our technicians to resolve electrical problems, drivability problems, and they check for any recalls or updates the factory has released.

In short, there are several reasons to take your bike to an authorized Harley-Davidson® dealership instead of some guy who has not been Harley-Davidson® factory certified and doesn't have the specialty tools needed to fix your bike the correct way. We will bet that he will not guarantee his work like a Harley-Davidson® dealer will.

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